Fruit Wines

Blueberry Wine


Our 100% blueberry wine is ruby red and sweet, reminiscent of the fruit picked fresh from the patch with a subtle lingering hint of spices and nuts.

Pairings: Pairs well with Brie cheese & cherry chicken salad, as well as desserts like cheesecake, lemon bars, and fresh fruit.



Cherry Wine


Made from Northern Michigan Montmorecy tart cherries, our 100% pure cherry wine has a tangy character and has been recognized for providing beneficial antioxidants. Enjoy this wine served icy cold or mixed with seltzer and a lemon wedge to make a refreshing summer spritzer.

Pairings: Customers have recommended using this wine in sauces over poultry or pork.



Raspberry Wine


Our highly-in-demand 100% raspberry wine will fill your palate with mouthwatering intensity and is sure to enliven you senses. Serve chilled on its own or as refreshing spritzer mixed with seltzer over ice.

Pairings: Dark chocolate, cheesecake or fresh fruit.



Pear Wine


We use local pears to make our 100% pear fruit wine, sure to remind you of autumn in Northern Michigan whether you have visited or not.

Pairings: Perfect on its own, chilled if you prefer or reduced to a sauce over ice cream and cobbler.



Cranberry Wine


This wine is full of intense cranberry flavor and delicious served cold, or you can also use it in your own homemade sangria, spritzers and cocktails.



Apricot Wine

A smooth and sweet wine full of apricot flavor that is ideally served chilled.